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Several years ago I became hooked on programming and have been doing it passionately ever since. The challenge involved lies in drawing from the rich store of wonderful music from all epochs, integrating relevant festival-audience- and venue-specific considerations, and if possible even recruiting local talent and manpower.

I seek to put contemporary music in a context in which it can be understood and to present period music with its original tension. To me this is the only way to stir audiences! I like to incorporate young musicians and children into my programming in an effort to stimulate their creativity but also in the hopes of reminding adults of the perception of “youth”. I find it fascinating to tie together all the different art forms, and my desire to address as many different segments of society as possible inspires my creativity in planning.

Projects to date:

Crossing Mozart 2006

Jeunesse Musicales Musikverein Wien

Crossing Haydn 2009

Jeunesse Musicales Musikverein Wien

LEO festival (2009/ 2010/ 2011/ 2012/2013)


brücken festival (2008/2009/2010/ 2011/2012/2013)

Mürzzuschlag, Neuberg, Krieglach, Kindberg


Ernst Krenek Privat Stiftung Krems

conanima Festival Ernstbrunn

Festival St. Gallen, Styria

among others